Fox News Analyst Claims ‘London is 85% Gay’

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Fox News Analyst Claims ‘London is 85% Gay’

fox_news_gays_londonAn expert appeared on Fox News last night and claimed that 85 percent of Londoners are homosexual.

During a segment about the future of gay marriage around the world, Greg Bolton — the channel’s senior European social policy analyst — told a stunned panel that rates of homosexuality are rising exponentially across Europe and show no sign of stopping.

“Gays will be a majority in Europe by 2027,” he declared to host Sean Hannity. “In some major cities like Paris, Berlin and Dublin they already outnumber straight people. In fact, according to one estimate, homosexuals made up 85 percent of London’s population in 2014 and that figure will rise to above 90 percent by 2020.

“It’s truly scary to think what this might mean for the future of the continent’s demographics. The baby boomers are retiring. How are they going to replace all those workers? Where are all the babies going to come from if everybody’s gay?”

Bolton’s statements bear striking resemblance to those of counter-terrorism hobbyist Steve Emerson, who recently told Fox News that the entire city of Birmingham, England, was Muslim and a no-go area for police.

Although Fox News later apologized for those erroneous comments, the incident typifies the fact-free hyperbolic scaremongering that has come to define the network’s brand.

A clearly befuddled Hannity gave Bolton the opportunity to walk back his comments, asking him if he was certain about his figures.

“Sean, 85 percent what I’m hearing is from my expert sources in the U.K.,” he responded. “Some say it could even be higher. Supermodels visiting from other countries are unable to find dates because all the men are into each other. It’s a real mess.”

A spokesperson for the Fox News had no comment about this recent incident. An email to Bolton went unanswered.

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