Pete Carroll Books Flight On Malaysia Airlines

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Pete Carroll Books Flight On Malaysia Airlines
Photo:  Flickr / Anthony Quintano
Photo: Flickr / Anthony Quintano

In another brilliant decision, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has booked a flight next week on Malaysia Airlines.

According to a report this morning in the Seattle Star, Carroll had promised to take his wife to London at the conclusion of the NFL season. Rather than fly direct on British Airways, he has chosen to fly though Kuala Lumpur on the world’s most notorious carrier.

“It seems like the right call,” he told the paper. “Sure, the British Airways flight was cheaper. And it’s on an airline that hasn’t had a fatal accident in almost 40 years.

“But life is all about match-ups. And I like my match-up with Malaysia Airlines.”

Carroll has been roundly criticized for his decision making following a controversial call in last night’s Super Bowl. With 21 seconds remaining and 2nd and Goal from the 1 yard line, Carroll decided to pass the ball, rather than hand off to star running back Marshawn Lynch.

A touchdown would have sealed the game for the Seahawks. But quarterback Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted by rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler, handing victory to the New England Patriots.

Some see echoes of that choice in his decision to fly on Malaysia Airlines, which had two bizarre accidents last year in which everyone on board was killed.

MH 370 disappeared without a trace in March of last year and is believed to have crashed somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean.  Just a few months later, MH 17 was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border by separatists who mistook the aircraft for a military jet.

Despite the danger, Carroll believes everything will work out for the best.

“Sometimes you have to take chances in life,” he says. “If that plane goes down, they can hold me accountable.”

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