Fraternity Honors Bill Cosby With Lifetime Achievement Award

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Fraternity Honors Bill Cosby With Lifetime Achievement Award
Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt
Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

A college fraternity has honored comedian Bill Cosby with a lifetime achievement award.

According to multiple reports, the Kappa Shata Thata chapter at Western Tennessee State University held a three-hour long ceremony Sunday night honoring the life, work and “pro-male agenda” of the controversial comedian.

News of the event has outraged university officials, who are threatening to suspend the organization. But members say the scandal-plagued star of the 1980’s sitcom The Cosby Show has been misjudged and deserves to be praised.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all,” says John Anderson, the president of the chapter, “Bill Cosby has committed multiple sexual assaults while successfully evading law enforcement for decades.

“In other words, he’s a personal hero to every one of our members. What’s wrong with honoring heroes?”

Sophomore Andy Johnson, who helped organize the festivities, agrees. “Last time I raped someone, I got suspended from football practice for two whole days!,” he laments “But if If follow the Bill Cosby model, I can keep raping women for decades to come with zero consequences.

“Cosby has proven that if I become rich and powerful enough, I can rape anyone I want. It’s an inspiring story.”

However, not everyone in the organization agreed with the decision to honor a prominent African-American entertainer.

“Normally I hate black people,” admits Gregg White, a senior from Chattanooga,“But on the other hand I really admire rapists. I’m really torn on this one.”

Fraternities are private, male-dominated clubs affiliated with most major American universities. In recent years they have faced accusations of fostering a rape culture on college campuses.

Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by over 20 women. Cosby has denied the allegations, and has not been formally charged with any crime. Although invited to the ceremonies, reports say he did not attend.

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