Ted Nugent: ‘Obama Stole My Remote Control’

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Ted Nugent: ‘Obama Stole My Remote Control’

nugentstealremoteRock legend Ted Nugent has accused President Obama of stealing his remote control.

The “Cat Scratch Fever’’ singer posted a video on Youtube this morning stating that his television has been stuck on ABC Family for the past two weeks, after the remote control to his cable box went missing. Nugent implicates Obama directly in the disappearance.

“Dear President Obama, you Muslim-loving, America-hating pathetic excuse for an Commander-in-Chief” he thunders in the video, “I think you and I both know what this is about.

“For the past two weeks I have been subjected to a form of torture called the ABC Family network. Although this channel poses as a family-friendly entertainment, in reality it is full of scandalous and immoral programming like Pretty Little Liars and 10 Things I Hate About You.

“I am unable to change the channel on my television away from this filth. Why? Because my remote control has been stolen by government agents in retaliation for speaking out against your tyrannical regime.

“This isn’t the first time. I stayed quiet when you hid my ulcer medication. I didn’t say a word when you dug up the habanero peppers in my garden and replaced them with cabbage. But President Obama your secret-service goons have finally gone too far.

“I demand that my remote control be delivered to my home in the next 48 hours. I am an American taxpayer. I am a patriot.  And I am sick and tired of having my private property stolen by these gangster thugs in Washington.”

Ted Nugent achieved fame in the 1970’s as a solo rock artist. In recent years, he has become more known for his conservative politics and his outrageous comments about president Obama.

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