DonaldTrumpHairpieceMexicoDonald Trump may be a leading critic of Mexican immigration to the United States, but new documents have revealed that the Republican presidential candidate may in fact be part Mexican.

According to a report in the Mexican newspaper La Grosella, the real estate mogul’s signature hairpiece has been custom-made in a factory outside Santa Nounlugar in the southern Oaxaca province since 1989.

The revelation comes as Trump is under-fire for controversial comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico, in which he said “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Trump has refused to apologize for his remarks. However, in an interview with CNBC this afternoon he did respond to critics who say his use of Mexican-made products is hypocritical.

“I never said rapists can’t make good toupées,” he told host Erin Burnett, “Rapists can make fantastic toupées. In fact the best toupées in the world are made by rapists. When I was researching my custom hairpieces, I toured manufacturing facilities from around the world – China, Japan, Germany.

“But nobody builds toupées like the Mexicans do. Nobody. So I went down there, I flew down to Santa Nounlugar and I talked to the factory owner myself and he said ‘Donald, you know everyone who works in this factory is a rapist.’

“And I responded, I told him ‘Julio these are quality hairpieces. And I don’t care if they’re made by rapists, because for every rapist that has a good job in Mexico that’s one less illegal crossing the border.’

“When I buy my hairpieces in Mexico I’m creating jobs for rapists there, so they don’t have to rape here. How many young American women have I personally saved from being raped just because I buy my toupées in Mexico? I dunno, I can’t count that high. It’s probably in the thousands.

“I love the Mexican people. They’re very hard working. They make great automobiles. They make great hair products. But they just can’t stop raping people. So my policy is simple: keep the Mexicans in Mexico where all they can do is rape each other. Why is that racist? Why is that so hard for the media to understand?”

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul and reality star with an estimated net worth of $4 billion, the majority of which was inherited from his father. He his currently polling second-place in the Republican presidential primary, for some reason.


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