hulk-hogan-primaryHulk Hogan may have lost his job at the WWE, but a new poll shows the former wrestler may have a future career in politics.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was caught on tape this week using racial slurs and admitting that he is racist against African-Americans.

In the aftermath of the scandal, sponsors and professional wrestling have cut all ties. But a new poll has brighter news  –  he is now running second place nationally in the Republican Party primary behind Donald Trump.

The DCBS Opinion Research poll released this morning has Trump at 25%, Hogan at 15%, and Jeb Bush at 12%, with the rest of the field in single-digits.

The results are shocking as Hogan is not an officially declared candidate for president, and has zero political experience. However, interviews with the poll’s respondents show conservatives are looking for a different kind of candidate.

“I think Hulk Hogan just tells it like it is,” explains one supporter, “He’s not afraid to say what Americans are thinking, even if it’s politically incorrect.”

A detailed analysis of the poll shows that White conservative voters are torn between Trump – whose racist comments about Mexican immigrants catapulted him into first place – and Hogan, whose comments appeal to a much deeper, historical racism.

“I love Donald Trump, but his racism is a little too subtle for me,” explains another Hogan fan, “I want a President who’s not afraid to use the N-word if the situation calls for it.”

Hogan has yet to make an official comment on the poll’s findings. But a source close to the wrestler says he is “weighing his options” and may make a decision about his political future in the coming days.

If Hogan decides to run, he won’t be the first professional wrestler to seek high office. Former ringmate Jesse Ventura served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.


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