Ray Rice Agrees to Fight Ronda Rousey

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Ray Rice Agrees to Fight Ronda Rousey

RatricceFormer Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has finally found a new job.

At a press conference in Cleveland this morning the disgraced NFL star publicly accepted UFC champion Ronda Rousey’s challenge to a “no-rules fight” to be televised later this year on Lifetime.  

After making headlines for her epic win against Bethe Correia, Rousey continued to grab the press’s attention for ongoing beef with five division-champion world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who like Rice, has a history of beating innocent women.

The two had been taking verbal jabs at each other for weeks, before Rousey extended the invitation to Rice. “The woman I beat was a fighter, I’d like to see how any of these f*ckers fare against a professional.”

Rousey went on to poke fun at the former Baltimore Ravens running back by suggesting the fight take place in the elevator: “You know, to give him home court advantage. He’s gonna need it.”

Given the fact that Rice’s contract with the Browns remains a matter of conjecture, he probably also needs the cash. He’s been out of a job since the Ravens dismissed him after the scandal.

Although the UFC does not disclose fighters’ earnings, Rousey has pledged to pay Rice double what she made in the Correia fight, which should be just about enough to keep his attorney on retainer.

Rice has gone on the record to say that he thinks this fight will give him a chance to redeem his reputation. “I support women, especially female athletes. This will be the an opportunity for me to show that I take women seriously,” he explained.

“Yeah, dead serious,” Rousey retorted in a recent interview with ESPN.

Janay Rice, Ray’s victim-turned-wife refuses to publicly pick a side in the match. When asked who she intended to root for, she explained, “It’s a tough call, I appreciate what Ronda’s trying to do, but I’m thinking ahead. Child-support payments don’t grow on trees, you know?”

Cable networks have been chomping at the bit for rights to air the much awaited match. As it stands, the Lifetime is reportedly close to sealing a deal.

The network’s President CEO, Nancy Dubroc, explained “the fight fits very well into our current programming and is well suited to our target demographic. We see American professional sports as an exciting and fruitful new area of content for us, since many of our storylines seem to playout just as well in real life. ”

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