bet-logo-pink-transparentbackgroundJust one day after Spanish-language television network acquired a controlling stake in The Onion for $200 million, another satirical website mega-deal has been announced.

Following weeks of hard-fought negotiations, Black Entertainment Television (BET) has reportedly agreed to purchase a 70% stake in The Daily Currant for $300.

“BET is thrilled to be investing in this red-hot digital entertainment property,” the network said in a statement.”We strongly believe the future of digital media lies in this infrequently updated WordPress blog with no full-time employees.

“It seems obvious to our leadership that adding The Daily Currant‘s occasional ability to distribute viral articles on social media to our own stable of shitty original television programming should – somehow – create the media empire of the future.”

As part of the deal The Daily Currant has reportedly agreed to tone down its frequent ridicule of black rapper Kanye West, and focus instead on instead on creating viral content that cross-promotes BET’s reality programs to a white millennial audience.

“We’re proud to be part of the BET family” says Daily Currant founder and editor Daniel Barkeley.”And even happier to have a whole $300 in our bank account. I might just make my rent this month.”


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