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The Daily Currant vs. The Onion


A. Comparing The Onion to The Daily Currant is like comparing Full House to The Larry Sanders Show.

A. With the advent of The Daily Currant, written news satire is finally returning to its roots as a vehicle

Q. So how do you explain the enduring popularity of The Onion?

A. First, The Onion‘s been the only game in town for quite awhile.

People watched crap like Gilligan’s Island in the 70’s because there was nothing better on TV.

And second, there will always be a market for broad, lowest common denominator comedy.In the 1990’s Full House was popular with a certain segment of the population, and The Larry Sanders Show was popular with another. In the 2000″s Gervais’ Office was very popular, but so was Two and a Half Men. 

If you like Leno, you’ll love The Onion. If you’re more a Letterman fan, you’ll love The Daily Currant.


Q. Some people The Onion?

A. Our articles are loaded with jokes. One has to be relativity well read and informed about current events to understand our references. There is some truth to – unlike The Onion our jokes don’t work in a vacuum  We expect our readers to bring some knowledge to the table.


Q. But some people like both The Onion and The Daily Currant?

A. That’s fantastic. Just don’t say that we do the same thing as The Onion. We founded on completely different principles and our brands of comedy are world’s apart.

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