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I think there are two schools of thought. Some people think that the best satire is close to the truth. Others think satire should be silly and outlandish.

A. I don’t think it should be surprising that a fake newspaper is publishing fake newspaper articles. That’s kind of what fake newspapers do. It’s our métier.

Yeah I think that’s quite extraordinary. Some people seem to think The Daily Currant is like a failed version of .

If our success is measured by how closely we imitate The Onion, then we’ve clearly been a spectacular failure. But if you measure success based on the number of people who appreciate our comedy, it’s been a smashing success.

But we’re not trying to imitate The Onion. We have our own


Q. Do you consider your site a comedic success?


But pretend for the sake of argument that I’m wrong. Pretend that only 10% of the people who visit our site think it’s funny.  Now that’s a ridiculously low estimate that has no basis in reality. But assuming it were true, you would still be talking about over 1 million people a month. Now I think any comedic group that makes a million people laugh on a regular basis should be considered a success. But maybe that’s just me.



A. Obviously, there are risks to both approaches. The risk with our style is that it ends up being too subtle.


I think Gawker Media is a lot like Microsoft. It’s an outdated, bloated company whose former glories provide it with profitability, but whose strategic future is pretty fucking bleak. Media start-ups like BuzzFeed and are dominating the casual news segment that Gawker used to own.

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